Valentine’s Day Gift Packaging


It’s not too late to show some love.

Now you can show them you care with our exclusive eco-friendly Valentine’s Day packaging!

Each jar is delicately wrapped in luscious deep rouge tissue paper, adorned with a perfectly tied sheer Organza bright red ribbon. Your selected cakes are then concealed away in a seemingly normal kraft postal box with a surprise Crinsom full interior, for that extra WOW factor you experience when unboxing something special.

I can also add any words you’d like to say in a handwritten card for no extra charge!

Be sure to add this option into your basket along with the cakes you’ve chosen, then just sit back and relax while everything gets handled for you.

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This is an optional extra.

When an order is submitted you must also have a selection of cakes in order to enable this choice.

Boxes are available in two sizes:

Box 1 will fit up 1-2 small or large jars.

Box 2 will hold up to 2-12 small jars and 2-9 large jars.

Depending on the size of your order will determine which box is used, both are priced the same.