Treats in a Box! – Monthly Subscription

£19.50 / month

Welcome to Treats in a Box!

Do you love baked goods as much as we do?

Do you know your vanilla extract from your essence? Have a good palette for bold and unusual flavours?

Would you be happy to provide brutally honest feedback? (don’t worry we have thick skin!)

Then you’d most definitely love our monthly subscription box!

Boxes will be shipped out at the end of every month.

These are very limited in stock so once they’re gone, they’ll be gone for a while. It’s not all doom and gloom though because we will release more from time to time!

*Please checkout using credit/debit card as we’re having some issues with Paypal accepting this at the moment!*

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What do I get?

Each month you will receive a fantastic selection of mystery mixed bakes which will range from new flavours that we’re developing for our cake jars or even brand new products that we’re yet to release!

However, we need your help!

Once you’ve had a chance to try your bakes we’d love to hear your thoughts. There’ll be a nice and easy QR code for you to drop us any vital feedback you have, good or bad. We’re always striving for perfection so this will help us immensely!

As a member, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to our special ‘Treats in a Box’ Discord server where you’ll be able to chat with us, give feedback, offer suggestions or anything at all relating to bakes! (We’re most likely going to be talking about other things too!)
  • Access to subscriber only flash sales and cake deals.
  • Access to behind the scenes of all the developmental work that goes into these new flavours.
  • Invitations to our monthly live chats or AMAs
  • Some months will feature special edition flavours only available to Treats in a Box members

Because each box is different, you might get a theme one month and then very random musings the next; it’s all part of the surprise! Rest assured though, they’ll be tested by our stringent QA (aka ourselves!) so if they aren’t up to scratch, then they won’t make the cut.

Membership to our Treats in a Box is a subscription product and will renew automatically every month. With that said, you can cancel at any time. Simply let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription. None of those annoying, pesky cancellation fees ever.

Oh and we also rolled in free shipping, what’s not to love? 😘